Rubber Fabrications

At CB Frost, we have many years’ experience in fabricating a wide range of products using a multitude of materials. Our team have perfected many alternative manufacturing methods, allowing us to bond a range of different materials together to meet most operational requirements.  These products can be used as components for all sorts of manufacturing processes, including those used within the automotive, rail, heating and medical sectors.

Our skilled workers are fully trained to utilise in-house machinery to bond together two materials using suitable adhesives.  We work closely alongside Bostik, who provide valuable technical expertise to enable us to find the correct adhesive to suit each application.  This helps us to ensure that our customers get the highest quality end product that they require for their operational requirements.

We also have the facility to produce cutting forms which allow our team to create a huge selection of complex shapes when manufacturing seals which feature bonded joints.  The wider bonding surfaces gives the joint increased durability and longevity, providing an economical and reliable product for customers.  When combining this process with our two part adhesive system, a chemical cross link is created between the surfaces which are to be bonded.  The joint is then able to withstand degradation in even the most hostile of environments.

To find out more about the fabrication services that our experienced team can provide, feel free to call CB Frost on 0121 773 8494 and we will do our best to help you with any queries.

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