Smoke Seals


MF-1 silicone foam

MF1 white silicone foam is used for its superior resistance to compression set and ability to be squashed into small/large voids then recover to its original fabricated shape stopping the spread of smoke through ceiling/panel compartments. MF1 features exceptional compliance to Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) standards, including ASTM E662, ASTM E162, BS6853, NFF16-101 and EN 45545. Manufactured in block form MF1 silicone foam can be cut and fabricated to meet you specific requirements.

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BF1000 silicone foam

BF1000 is a white soft density silicone sponge with a skin on both faces. With its superior compression set and compliance to Fire, Smoke and Toxicity standards such as BS6853, EN45545 and NF16-101 this material is ideal to fill voids helping stop the spread of smoke through ceiling/partition compartments. BF1000 silicone sponge is manufactured as rolls in a variety of thickness’s and we have the facility to produce intricate seals or can just simply supply strip on a roll for you to cut.

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