At CB Frost we supply a wide range of adhesives and sealants for industry, ensuring that with us, you can always find what you need. We supply a complete range of specialist products for the manufacturing, construction, automotive, insulating glass and consumer sectors. Our adhesives are leading edge products- high performance and purpose – developed by our suppliers- Bostik. As a company with expert technical knowledge of adhesives we have been selected as an approved provider of Bostik products. Download our Bostik brochure here.

It is important that the correct adhesive is used in any operation and a few simple steps will enable you to identify the most suitable one to choose. Our easy to use adhesive chart will show you the correct adhesive for the substrates you are using. However, as more than one adhesive is often suitable, it is always advisable to undertake an in – house test.

CB Frost’s friendly staff have a wealth of experience and are happy to help assist you with choosing the right adhesive. Should you require any advice, please call our team on +44 (0)121 773 8494.