Our Industry Leading Manufacturing Capabilities

As industry leaders in the rubber and plastics manufacturing industry, not only do we provide the highest quality products and services, but we also provide an extremely diverse catalogue of products. From our manufacturing base in Birmingham, we have the capabilities to deliver products for applications in all major industries.

Let’s talk through some of the services that we provide, the most important benefits of working with CB Frost and the factors that make us a rubber and plastics industry leader.

Die Cutting

CB Frosts cutting machine is designed to operate at speeds of up to 100 strokes per minute, allowing us to considerably increase our cutting capacity, whilst maintaining pin point accuracy...

Adhesive Laminating

CB Frost can supply tape or strip with a pressure sensitive adhesive which can be applied to either one or both faces. We have a selection of tapes to suit most requirements...

Rubber Moulding

At CB Frost, we offer custom moulded rubber components in a comprehensive range of materials, such as Neoprene, Silicone, Nitrile, EPDM and Viton, which can be tailored to our customer’s needs...

Tape Cutting

Sponge or rubber strips are often supplied as continuous rolls from our competitors. At CB Frost we have the capability to cut to our products to length for you...

Bandsaw / Knife

Our automated bandsaw machinery allows us to manufacture custom lengths and strips for all of our products...


Fabrication and Assembly

At CB Frost, we have many years’ experience in fabricating a wide range of gaskets. Our team have perfected many alternative manufacturing methods...


CB Frost offer custom made extrusions from a range of polymers, each with a unique quality, and therefore suited for specific applications...

High Speed Gasket Cutting

Our cutting facility allows us to produce flat pressed parts (gaskets) and cater for quantities ranging from custom one offs to small, medium and large volumes...

Industrial Adhesives

Our adhesives are leading edge products with high performance and purpose, developed by our suppliers Bostik. Download our Bostik brochure here.

CB Frost

Our vision for the future is to continue to be an efficient, well organised company that produces and supplies quality products, remaining as a market leader, whilst respecting the environment always.

Our Stock Of Materials

At CB Frost, we boast an extremely impressive range of rubber and plastic materials to suit practically any application. We will work with our customers to ensure that we supply the materials with the characteristics that will best suit their unique requirements, providing the most durable and most effective finished product.

We pride ourselves in always keeping roll stock of our full catalogue of materials available for order and conversion, our list of materials is included below.

Our Materials


Neoprene, commonly known as chloroprene is a solid rubber material with good resistance to oils, chemicals, UV and Ozone. Available in a range of shore hardnesses and thicknesses in sheet format. Some common products produced using Neoprene rubber are safety gloves, laptop covers/sleeves and sports/medical equipment.

Neoprene sponge is a closed cell synthetic rubber with similar properties to EPDM and Natural sheeting in terms of its resilience and resistance to abrasion. Neoprene sponges have a good resistance to oils, whereas resistance to petrol and other hydrocarbons is moderate

Read more about our neoprene products here.


EPDM rubber features excellent elasticity, resistance to UV rays, ozone and general weathering, as well as an excellent resistance to extreme temperatures. In addition to great weathering properties, EPDM also exhibits good resistance to water-based chemicals and vegetable-based hydraulic oils.

As a result of its useful properties and longevity, EPDM rubber is widely used in a range of applications and industrial sectors including, the Automotive, Lighting, Heating and Roofing sectors.

Read more about our EDPM products here.


One of the major benefits of silicone is that it maintains a high level of flexibility and low compression set even when subjected to extreme low and high temperatures. It also exhibits fantastic resistance to UV and ozone as well as being highly resistant towards water, acids, bases, chemicals, oils and fungus.

Due to its many advantageous properties, silicone rubber is a mainstay in a wide range of industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and even food and drink production.

Read more about our Silicone products here.


Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber co-polymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Also known as Buna-N or NBR, Nitrile rubber is resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils and fuels; and has a temperature range of -20˚C to + 100˚C.  It is similar to commercial and natural rubber, as it can be attacked by UV/Ozone. Nitrile rubber gaskets are popularly used in the aeronautical, petrochemical and automotive industries.

Read more about our Nitrile products here.

CB Frost

Our aim is to work to form long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with both our supply chain and customer base. It is this dedication to developing partnerships that maintains our consistent supply base and our reputation for excellent customer service, and ensures customers come back time and time again.

Our Materials Continued


An open cell lightweight, soft foam predominantly used in the furniture industry. PU foams, as they are commonly known, have been adapted in applications requiring cushioning, gap/dust sealing and anti-vibration/noise reduction.

Read more about our Polyurethane products here.


Polyethylene foam is a closed cell, cross-linked foam material that is frequently used for packaging purposes, as well as vibration dampening and for a range of sealing applications. Polyethylene foam gaskets are particularly effective as a dust and moisture seal.

Read more about our Polyethylene products here.


PVC sponge gaskets are manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride low density closed cell sponge and is available in two forms; slow or fast recovery. Useful properties of PVC sponge gaskets include a high resistance to ozone and solvents; it also works well for acoustics and sound insulation.

Read more about our PVC products here.


Cork can be supplied in a range of different grades, for example, Neoprene bonded or Nitrile bonded Cork. Cork has excellent oil and anti-vibration properties and is a highly effective material for sealing applications like fuel and oil pumps, electrical transformers and switchgear. It can also be used as flooring expansion jointing strips or gaskets.

Read more about our Cork products here.

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