Machined Plastics

CB Frost Has Over 30 years’ experience in supplying Plastic Machined parts. A reliable, quality supplier with experience in abundance.

Importantly, our emphasis has always been on the importance of offering a comprehensive plastic machining & fabrication workshop. Reliably, we are able to manufacture component parts to customers exacting requirements. Most notably, many plastic companies only machining specific Plastics. Whereas, CB Frost has a comprehensive knowledge on all types of plastics and the required methods of manufacture. Right now, Our Team is ready to help with your requirements.

Experience in all Plastic Machining Materials

Significantly, the company is able to produce most anything it is asked to consider. For example, simple wear strips, to complex 3D CNC turned, CNC milled, and CNC routed components. These, all produced from the huge, extensive range of plastic materials available to today’s consumer. Including, but not limited to, Polypropylene, Delrin, UHMWPE, HDPE, Acrylic, PET, PVDF and Polycarbonate

Also included in the extremely large amount of Engineering Materials, which fall under CB Frosts capabilities, include, PEEK, PTFE, and Nylon, with Acetal, Tufnol and GPO3.

A Passion for Quality

As Plastic Machining Companies go CB Frost is a leading force in the UK’s Plastic CNC Machining and Plastic fabrication industry, through the highest industry and quality standards and the way in which we strive for customer excellence. We consistently deliver outstanding CNC machining and component fabrication of industrial plastics, ensuring our customers have a trustworthy, predictable, world class supply chain to enhance their competitive advantage. We excel in the eyes of our customers, always seeking to understand their requirements and providing innovative, flexible, and on-time solutions. Our reputation, experience, knowledge in plastic materials and machining techniques guarantee consistently first-class components. A Plastics Company with a Passion for Quality. We strive for continuous quality improvements and using innovation with every product and process. A commitment we make to our customers and at the heart of everything we do.

A vast range of materials for a variety of sectors

  • Point of Sale

    Acrylic shelves and display

  • Electrical

    Polucarbonate Guards, Shrouds, Coves, Shields, Insulation, Lexan

  • Automotive

    Nylon Bearings, P.T.F.E Bushes, Acetal Parts, ABS and PEEK

  • Aircraft

    FR Polycarbonates, Glass Filled Nylon, Epoxy Glass, GP03 Insulators

  • Medical

    Fabricated PETG Shrouds and Guarding

  • Arts & Crafts

    HDPE Pressed Templates

  • Conveyor Industries

    FDA Food Compliant Materials PE500 & PE1000

  • Construction

    PVC Excellent Chemical Resistance and a UL94 V.0 rated

  • Subsea

    Polypropylene, Acetal, PEEK, PVDF

  • Rail

    SUSTAMID 6 FR, EN45545-2 Compliant Cable Clamps

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