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Another year has almost passed – another year to add to our 90 plus years of experience and another year of new development. 2017 has provided us with many opportunities to talk about our constant commitment to innovation, from supplying sealing materials to the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement, to introducing our brand new EN45545-2 compliant lightweight rail material:

CB Frost’s involvement in the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement projectCB Frost

One of our most notable projects of recent years has been our involvement in the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement. We were tasked with supplying suitable sealing materials to prevent the escape of radioactive dust from within the enormous shelter, as well as preventing air moisture from entering the arch, helping to prevent the internal steelwork from rusting.

Silicone sponge (CF19) and HT800 Silicone sponge were identified as the most suitable materials for the application, due to their resistance to ozone and UV light, extreme temperatures, fire resistance, good compression set and prevention of microbiological growth.

Construction began in 2012, however, the structure is nearing completion and is expected to be commission at some time in the first half of 2018.

Our commitment to rail industry fire safety standards

CB Frost

From 2018, throughout Europe, almost everything weighing over 100g on a rail vehicle will be required to comply with EN45545-2 fire safety standards. Rail industry materials will be rigorously and extensively fire safety tested.

At CB Frost, we are ahead of the game – our BISCO® cellular silicones comply with not only EN45545-2, but also BS6853:1999, NFF-16-101 and LUL fire safety standards. We supply an extensive range of specialist rail industry materials – for more information, please contact our highly knowledgeable sales team.

CBF SIL-VO – Our new lightweight rail materialCB Frost

Earlier this year, we introduced our new lightweight silicone rail material, CBF SIL-VO. Ahead of the new compulsory safety standards set to be in place as of 2018, it is compliant with EN45545-2. With a fully closed cell structure and excellent compression set, CBF SIL-VO is specially designed to be lightweight to help reduce weight on trains and improve efficiency – it’s ideal for use in a number of rail applications, including lighting seals, gap fillers, HVAC units, electrical enclosures, LCD display and anti-vibration strips and seals.

With our extensive in-house capabilities, we can provide our new lightweight rail material as sheet material, or convert it to strips, seals or fabricated sections to suit your needs.

In introducing CBF SIL-VO, we have further strengthened our commitment to innovation – manufacturers looking for peace of mind can always be safe in the knowledge that CB Frost always work to the very latest regulations and safety standards. Times change, but we are always ahead of the game.

You can request a SIL-VO sample here.

One size doesn’t fit all

In manufacturing, there are practically no situations where a one size fits all approach is suitable. At CB Frost, bespoke rubber and plastic products are our bread and butter – we will always work with you to create completely customised solutions. With close to 100 years of experience, we always pride ourselves on our ability to problem solve.

Our extensive in-house manufacturing facilities allow us to provide an extensive range of bespoke products, including gaskets, washers, extrusions, mouldings, fabrications, sheeting and strip to suit practically any application.


With the year growing to a close, all the team at CB Frost would like to wish our customers and clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If you would like to talk to us about our commitment to industry safety regulations, or would like to discuss your requirements, please call our highly knowledgeable team on +44 (0)121 773 8494 or contact us online.


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