Choosing Silicone Foam for the Rail Industry

silicone foam rail industry

The rail industry is an ever-evolving sector, none more so than in the UK as the HS2 railway is currently under construction. Technology is advancing to meet the needs of modern rail engineering and CB Frost offer a range of cellular silicones foams to meet the increasing demands for lightweight, compliant materials in the rail industry. 

Over several years, CB Frost has grown to be a market leader in the supply and conversion of cellular silicone insulation materials for the modern rail industry, ensuring that all stringent regulations are met. Partnering with ROGERS Corporation, we supply the full range of BISCO® cellular silicones in a wide range of thicknesses, as well as converting them into gaskets, strip/tape, washers, sheeting and fabrications to suit a variety of rail applications.

Rail Industry Regulations

Each silicone insulation material that we supply for use within the rail industry meets all necessary regulations, including fire safety. All cellular silicone materials comply with the following standards:

  • EN45545-2 
  • BS6853
  • LUL (London Underground)

Cellular Silicone Foam Materials for Rail Applications

In addition to meeting industry requirements for fire, smoke and toxic fumes, our range of BISCO® silicone foams are also effective in resisting a much wider temperature range than most cellular elastomers. 

Let’s take a look at some of our most commonly supplied silicone foam materials:

HT800 Silicone Foam

HT800 is a medium cellular silicone foam that is well suited for use in a number of rail applications as a result of its excellent compression set, low stress relaxation and memory properties, which contribute to reduced maintenance costs associated with gasket failure.

In addition to these properties, HT800 silicone foam is also highly resistant to UV and ozone, and considerably high and low temperatures. As a result, it is widely used for shock and vibration isolation and weather sealing against wind driven rain and fire in various outdoor applications, including communications, electronics and lighting enclosures.

HT800 silicone foam

Common rail applications for HT800 include:

  • Door seals
  • Gap fillers
  • HVAC seals
  • LCD display gaskets
  • Lighting enclosure gaskets
  • Vibration isolation

BF1000 Silicone Foam

BF1000 is a soft silicone foam material that is ideally suited to sealing applications as it features great memory, low stress relaxation, compressibility and durability, as well as maintaining softness.

Similarly, to HT800, BF1000 silicone foam also features a high level of resistance to UV and ozone, and a high and low temperature range, making it an ideal choice for outdoor sealing applications, protecting them from heat and the elements, whilst also providing cushioning and shock absorption.


Common rail applications for BF1000 include:

  • Gap fillers
  • HVAC seals
  • LCD display gaskets
  • Lighting enclosure gaskets
  • Smoke seals

BF2000 Silicone Foam

BF2000 is an ultra-soft silicone foam material that maintains excellent compressibility, memory and low stress relaxation properties, conforming to various width gaps to provide an effective seal. Like other cellular silicone foams for the rail industry, BF2000 also features very effective resistance to UV, ozone and weathering, as well as extreme temperatures.


Typical uses for BF2000 include:

  • Door seals
  • Gap fillers
  • HVAC seals
  • LCD display gaskets
  • Lighting enclosure gaskets
  • Smoke seals

Silicone foams can be supplied in roll form, cut into pads or gaskets or converted into fabrications, all of which can be supplied with an adhesive coating for ease of application.

Why Choose CB Frost for your Rail Industry Insulation Needs?

As a market leader with extensive experience of supplying and converting cellular silicones for major HSR, Metro, Underground and Tramway projects, such as the Victoria Line Underground, SSL (Sub Surface Lines), Electro star, IEP/Crossrail and Mk3 to name only a few, we pride ourselves on our product range, technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities. 

If you are unsure about which silicone insulation foam is best suited for your rail application, be sure to contact our sales team today and we will be happy to help you find the ideal grade for your specifications. Call 0121 773 8494 or contact us here.


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