EN 45545 Compliant Materials for the Rail Sector

As well as meeting the needs of the modern engineering industry in terms of performance and longevity, safety compliance is essential when choosing specialist insulation materials for the rail industry. At CB Frost, our entire range of rail materials stringently meet all industry requirements for fire, smoke and toxic fumes to increase safety in the event of a fire on-board. All rail insulation materials must be EN 45545 compliant, meeting the European standard for fire protection on railway vehicles. To comply with EN 45545, materials must behave in a certain manner when exposed to fire:

  • Flame retardant – EN 45545 compliant materials must be flame retardant so that in the case of a fire, insulation materials successfully help to prevent the fire from spreading, providing more time for rail carriages to be safely evacuated.HT800 silicone sponge strip to EN 45545 is commonly used in door seals for rail carriages as its excellent sealing performance is resistant to fire and high temperatures.
  • Low smoke – EN 45545 compliant rail materials must also feature low smoke emissions in order to help prevent the penetration of smoke. Making sure that smoke density is as low as possible is vital for allowing train staff and passengers to escape the carriage and be rescued as quickly as possible without the dangers of smoke inhalation.HT800 silicone sponge, BF1000 silicone foam and BF2000 silicone foam are EN 45545 low smoke compliant and provide an effective seal for HVAC systems within train carriages. As they have a high temperature resistance and prevent the penetration of smoke, these materials effectively help to prevent the spread of smoke through train carriages.
  • Low toxicity – Many standard insulation materials can create extremely hazardous toxic gas. On the other hand, EN 45545 complaint specialist rail materials are formulated to provide low toxicity properties so that train line staff and passengers will be exposed to an absolute minimal amount of smoke.

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