FDA Silicone Rubber for the Food and Drink Industry

Food grade, or FDA silicone rubber is a highly resilient and versatile material that is safe and suitable for use in the food and drinks industries. Everywhere in the world, food safety is absolutely vital, and therefore, any material used in the production, storage, or transportation of food and drink must be compliant, and specially designed to meet the unique requirements of the food and beverage processing industries. 

At CB Frost, our general purpose silicone rubber complies with the FDA international guidelines for food grade elastomers, approved to 21CFR155.2600 and EC 1935/2004. FDA silicone is completely non-toxic and contains no chemical fillers or byproducts.

FDA silicone rubber

The key advantages of Food Grade Silicone Rubber

  • FDA silicone rubber is non-toxic and odourless, ensuring food and drink is safe for consumption after contact with silicone applications.
  • Silicone rubber is highly resistant to extreme temperatures, both low and high. It doesn’t degrade when in contact with heat or cold.
  • It exhibits excellent resistance to UV, ozone, and general weathering, ensuring that it is well suited to use in outdoor applications.
  • Silicone rubber is resistant to most chemicals, making it ideal for food processing.
  • Silicone is highly resistant and doesn’t degrade quickly, ensuring that silicone rubber gaskets and other products have a long life-span, helping prevent leakages and failures. It doesn’t harden, crack or become brittle over time.
  • FDA silicone features high elasticity and compressibility, ensuring that it retains its intended shape.
  • It is WRAS approved for drinking water. Silicone is also naturally water repellent, making it an ideal sealant.
  • Food grade silicone is easy to wash and clean after use, ensuring that it stays fit for purpose.
  • Various colours are available to suit different purposes.

Key uses of FDA Silicone

Silicone rubber is widely used by manufacturers in food processing and packaging, particularly for applications such as machine parts and gaskets that come into contact with food and drink. As a non-reactive material, silicone is extremely useful for preventing food contamination.

Silicone is also being used as a reusable alternative to single use plastic, and therefore is having a positive influence on the environment. It’s also important to consider that it is manufactured from abundant natural resources.

In addition to food production, silicone rubber is also widely used for medical applications and laboratories where preventing contamination is essential.

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