Nitrile Rubber (CF11)


  • Excellent resistance to oils
  • Excellent resistance to Petroleum
  • Good abrasion properties
  • Available in high grades – BS specification

Download CF11 Data Sheet

Nitrile rubber can be processed to produce:

  • Strip/Tape
  • Gaskets
  • Washers
  • Extruded Rubber Profiles
  • Moulded Rubber Seals

Nitrile rubber (CF11)

Nitrile rubber (CF11) is a solid rubber material with good abrasion properties and resistance to oils and petroleum. Our sheeting material is available from stock in shore hardnesses 60 and 70 and a range of thicknesses, 1mm, 3mm, 5mm and 6mm. Other thicknesses are available upon request.

Nitrile performs better than other materials in applications where petroleum, oils, aromatic hydrocarbons and acids are present and is widely selected as the material of choice in applications such as fuel pump diaphragms (Automotive), hoses (Automotive/Aircraft) and oil seals (Oil & Gas).

CB Frost also offer a BS (British standard) grade known as BS2751 Nitrile rubber. This grade will have enhanced characteristics, such as oil, petroleum, and abrasion resistance. The material will require a minimal level of polymer content and regular batch testing.

For more information please download the attached datasheet or contact one of our sales team for other grades.