NH/Armaflex foam (CF21)


  • Halogen-free
  • Fibre dust free material with low thermal conductivity
  • IMO certified, UL and FM-approved
  • Excellent protection against water vapour diffusion
  • Low amounts of smoke and acid gas in fire

Download CF21 – NH Armaflex Data Sheet

NH/Armaflex Foam can be processed to produce:

  • Strip/Tape
  • Gaskets
  • Washers
  • Tubing – various OD and IDs at 2mtr lengths

NH Armaflex sheeting

NH Armaflex is a halogen-free, flexible insulation material with certification for use in marine and offshore environments.

It meets the demand for insulation materials with minimal smoke and toxic emissions in the event of a fire and being a closed cell material, NH Armaflex provides good water vapour resistance.

Typical applications

  • Pipes – reduce energy loss and protect against frost
  • Air conditioning duct-work
  • Hot and cold-water services
  • Insulation/protection against condensation

For more information please download the attached datasheet or contact one of our sales team.