Our Capabilities: Adhesive Laminating Processes for Gaskets

adhesive laminating

As a specialist in the supply and conversion of rubber, sponge and foam materials for an extensive range of industrial applications, we work hard to meet our customer requirements, and do what we can to adapt our products to improve their processes. For example, our adhesive laminating processes can be used to apply adhesive backing to sheet materials and a range of converted products, including gaskets.

Adhesive laminating for gaskets

Our adhesive lamination machine combines the heat and pressure of an internal roller mechanism to apply pressure sensitive adhesive to sponge and foam materials. 

Adhesive backing and foam/sponge rolls are fed into the laminating machine and sandwiched together through rollers, the correct amount of heat and pressure is applied to melt the adhesive liner on the release paper to the material. The laminated material is then wound into rolls ready for processing into sheets or converted to adhesive laminated gaskets.  

adhesive laminating

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

We can apply a pressure sensitive adhesive to sheet materials, which comes with a release paper to protect it, before despatching the material in roll or sheet form, or cutting it into gaskets and washers. When it is time for a gasket to be installed, the release paper can be removed, and the gasket can be fit into place.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives can be chosen to meet the requirements of many applications. For example, for applications where materials will be subjected to high temperatures, we can use high temperature tapes, or for applications where exposure to water is necessary, we use waterproof tapes.. 

Hot melt adhesive tapes can be applied to one or both faces of a sheet material, depending on the customer’s needs, and both sides are supplied with an easy release lining paper.

adhesive laminating machine

The Importance of Adhesive Laminated Gaskets

As a gasket forms a protective intersection between two surfaces, often for sealing purposes, it is essential that it stays in place whilst the surfaces can be secured in place. In an application where there is a danger of a gasket slipping or becoming misshapen, for example, if the surface the gasket is applied to is not completely horizontal, pressure sensitive adhesive can hold the gasket in place tightly and ensure it keeps its integrity. 

When it comes to choosing adhesives for gaskets, there are a range of considerations to make, including:

  • The gasket material
  • The surface the gasket will be fixed to
  • Temperatures the gasket will be exposed to
  • Chemical resistance
  • Solvent resistance
  • Pressure applied to the gasket
  • The potential need to reposition the gasket

If you are unsure about choosing the right materials or adhesives to suit your gaskets and intended application, the CB Frost team are here to advise you.

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