LD45 Polyethylene Foam (CF5)


  • Closed Cell
  • Cost effective & Lightweight
  • Excellent Ozone & UV properties
  • CFC, HCFC and VOC free
  • Good low temperature flexibility
  • Available in colours and food safe

Download CF5 Data Sheet

Polyethylene foam – LD45 (CF5)

Polyethylene & Evazote are trade names of Zotefoams Plc. Their manufacturing process offers foams with high purity, consistency in densities, controlled cell size/structure and low odour, basically there are no chemical residues of blowing agents left on the material that cause unpleasant odours.

Polyethylene foam is non-toxic, lightweight, impact absorbing and manufactured in a range of densities from 15kgs/m3 to 115kg/m3. Additives added to the manufacturing process allow grades to have flammability, conductive or dissipative properties.

CB Frost stock on the shelf LD45 (CF5) polyethylene foam sheeting in a range a thicknesses, rolls are 1mtr wide x 15mtrs long, sheets either 1.5mtrs or 2mtrs long x 1mtr wide. Standard colour is black, but the benefit of polyethylene is it can be supplied in various colours, red, blue, green and orange are just a few examples.

LD45 = density/hardness of the material, we keep two densities in stock (LD45 and LD24) but can supply other densities relatively quickly.

For more information please download the attached datasheet or contact one of our sales team.