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Our ArmaFlex range of flexible closed-cell insulation materials are designed specifically to meet the strict requirements of the international railway industry. Featuring integrated fire protection, our products provide innovative solutions for a wide range of rail applications, including insulation for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing, ensuring improved safety and comfort for passengers.

In addition to heat insulation, ArmaFlex rail products are also highly effective for vibration absorption and rattle prevention for body shell parts and doors, again making for a more pleasant experience for passengers onboard.

In the modern world, rail is certainly the most environmentally friendly form of transportation, but the demands for comfort and amenities onboard modern trains makes them much heavier and expensive to operate. This is where we come in – our rail insulation materials are designed to help the rail industry maintain its green credentials and advantage by considerably improving energy efficiency.

As well as protecting hot and cold water pipes against temperature fluctuations, ArmaFlex insulation materials also help to prevent the development of bacteria and mould, and contamination with legionella that is often a by-product of unacceptable temperature fluctuations.

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The History Of Insulation Material

An Early Beginning

Although very different to modern forms of insulation, we have been insulating our homes since at least the Egyptian times, they used to use thick stones made of mud to block the sun and keep their homes cool.

The Ancient Greeks invented asbestos and used it in their homes because of its heat resisting properties. Today, we all think of asbestos as toxic and many large housing providers still have to tackle asbestos related problems in their line of industry.

Progression through the 1970's

During the Industrial Revolution and with the rise of steam power, there were plenty of hot pipes that needed insulating, partly to keep the heat in and partly to protect workers. For this, industry went back to the world of asbestos to wrap pipes. It wasn’t until the mid-70s that health issues were raised that stopped being the technology of choice. Our Armaflex products have advanced considerably from the world of asbestos, providing safe, effective insulation wherever it is used.

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