BF2000 Silicone Sponge Sheeting

BF2000 Silicone sponge is an ultra-soft and highly compressible sponge material with excellent memory and low stress relaxation properties. Due to its high compressibility, BF2000 Silicone sponge can conform to various width gaps, making it ideal for transportation, industrial and electronic applications where low closure force and dust sealing are absolutely critical.

Further beneficial properties of BF200 Silicone sponge sheeting are its excellent resistance to Ultraviolet light and ozone, as well as effective resistance to extreme temperatures, both low and high. These characteristics mean that BF2000 is well suited for outdoor applications.

BF2000 Silicone sponge sheeting is Fire Safe – approved to BS6853, EN45545 and UL94 approved to V-0 and HF-1. At CB Frost, we keep BF2000 Silicone sponge sheeting as a stock material. This allows us to provide a fast turnaround for all customer requirements.

  • We can supply BF2000 Silicone sponge sheet material plain or adhesive backed to suit your needs
  • BF2000 can be supplied in roll or sheet form
  • Roll and sheet material is supplied with a width of 915mm – (please call our sales team to discuss your size requirements)
  • BF2000 Silicone sponge sheeting can be supplied in thicknesses ranging between 3.2mm and 12.7mm thick
  • BF2000 Silicone sponge is supplied in black as standard

If you need assistance in choosing the right material for your application, please call out knowledgeable and experienced sales team on 0121 773 8494.