Class 0, NH and HT EPDM Sheeting

CF21-Insulation Materials

CB Frost Works with Armacell using their products to supply insulation materials to a variety of sectors.

The Range is extensive and allowing us to select materials which meet our customers exacting thermal insulation requirements for their industry.

The material range can be supplied as plain or adhesive backed sheets or rolls, tapes cut to size, gaskets or as fabricated shapes. Insulation tubing in a range of sizes is also available.

CF21-Class 0

Class 0 is a flexible, closed cell, skinned, Nitrile insulation material that protects against condensation and energy loss. This material is tested to BS476 part 7 and achieves results better than class 1.

Suitable for use in construction for heating and ventilation, air conditioning duct work and refrigeration pipework.


NH/Armaflex is a halogen free, flexible, closed cell insulation sponge. It has minimal smoke and toxic emissions in the event of fire as it is manufactured free from halogen based flame retarders


Designed to be an effective insulation product remaining flexible for high temperature applications up to 150°C. This material has improved resistance to oil and is also highly weather/UV resistant.

Just like the rest of the Armacell range HT EPDM is tested to BS476 part 7 and complies with Class 1.