Commercial / Insertion Rubber Sheeting

At CB Frost, we offer a wide range of commercial/insertion rubber products. There are a number of benefits to utilising commercial/insertion rubber, or SBR rubber, as opposed to choosing alternatives such as silicone, EPDM and neoprene. For example:

  • Commercial/insertion rubber products can be lower in cost than the above listed alternatives
  • It can be moulded into desired shapes (commercial grade only)
  • The commercial/insertion rubber can be produced in a variety of thickness’s
  • Depending on the grade, the shore hardness’s can be decided accordingly (ranging from 40˚ IRHD to 80˚ IRHD)
  • It can be available in a variety of grades and at CB Frost, our products will always meet British Standard (BS)

The key features of commercial/insertion rubber include:

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Effective abrasion resistance
  • Low compression set
  • High tear properties
  • However, please be aware the rubber will degrade when exposed to excessive UV and ozone levels.

At CB Frost, we always keep sheet material in stock in order to provide a quick turnaround for our customers.

Commercial / Insertion solid rubber sheeting

We can supply rubber sheeting in either roll or sheet form, at 1400mm wide

  • Our standard colour for commercial/insertion rubber sheeting is black
  • At CB Frost, we are able to supply our commercial/insertion rubber sheeting with an adhesive backing if required. Please specify which material you wish to attach the rubber sheet to, and we will utilise the relevant adhesive tape for your needs
  • Commercial rubber sheeting is usually supplied between 1mm and 12mm in thickness, though thicker materials are available upon request
  • Insertion rubber sheeting is usually supplied between 3mm and 6mm in thickness