Cork Sheeting

At CB Frost, we can provide Cork material as sheeting or as roll material, depending on your requirements. Available in a range of grades and thicknesses, Cork sheeting can provide a cost effective solution if you are looking to save funds.

Cork has a range of beneficial characteristics, including excellent resistance to oil and anti-vibration properties. Cork is also relatively cheap, but highly effective in sealing a wide range of applications, including electrical transformers and switchgear, fuel and oil pumps. Cork is also commonly used as expansion jointing for flooring. As well as providing Cork sheeting and roll material, using our in-house manufacturing facilities, we can produce Cork strips, gaskets and washers for a wide range of applications.

We can supply Cork sheeting in a variety of grades, including Neoprene bonded or Nitrile bonded Cork.

  • Cork is kept in stock in both roll and sheet form for a quick turnaround
  • Cork sheeting and roll material can be provided in thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 25mm thick, depending on the grade of material
  • We can cut Cork sheet material into strips, gaskets or washers in house to suit your requirements
  • Cork sheeting can be supplied as plain, or adhesive backed to suit your requirements. CB Frost have a range of different adhesive tapes that are suitable for application to Cork materials

To learn more about the available grades of Cork, please call us on 0121 773 8494 and our experienced sales team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right material for your application.