MF775 Solid Silicone Rubber Sheeting

At CB Frost, we keep MF775 solid Silicone rubber sheeting as a stock material in a variety of different thicknesses to suit your requirements.

MF775 solid Silicone rubber is a highly inflammable and fire safe material, approved to BS6853, EN45545 and UL94 approved to V-0 and HF-1. In addition to these properties, MF775 also maintains good resistance to UV and ozone, combined with resistance to extremely low and high temperatures, making it ideally suited for outdoor use.

Most commonly, MF775 Silicone rubber sheeting is used for applications in the mass transit industry. It is approved by and widely used within the London Underground system

  • We can supply MF775 sheet Silicone rubber material in thicknesses ranging from a minimum of 1mm to 6mm as standard – should you require a thicker material, we can supply this on request
  • MF775 solid Silicone rubber sheeting can be supplied in roll or sheet form in a width of 610mm
  • As well as plain Silicone rubber sheeting, MF775 can be supplied as adhesive backed to suit your requirements – we stock a number of adhesive tapes that are suitable for application to MF775 Silicone rubber
  • We supply MF775 as dark grey as standard

Should you require a thicker material, or to discuss your width and length requirements, please call our knowledgeable sales team on 0121 773 8494.