Poron® Urethane Sponge Sheeting

Poron® Urethane is a closed cell sponge material that is manufactured black. The main properties of Poron® are its excellent compression set and deflection characteristics and low outgassing, making this grade of material suitable for applications in a wide range of industries.

What are the advantages of specifying Poron® Urethane sponge?

  • It has excellent compression set and deflection characteristics and keeps its shape
  • It is certified by UL for gasketing and flammability (UL HBF)
  • Poron® Urethane has low outgassing characteristics
  • It is UV stable, making it ideal for outdoor use
  • It is UL certified for gasket material – ULJMST2 (File#MH15464)
  • At CB Frost, we keep certain grades of Poron® Urethane sponge as a stock material

Poron® Urethane sponge sheeting

  • Poron Urethane sponge sheeting can be supplied in a range of thicknesses from 0.8mm to 12.7mm thick
  • Supplied in roll form – rolls lengths vary depending on material grade and thickness (please call our sales team to discuss your needs)
  • We can supply Poron Urethane® sponge sheeting plain or adhesive backed and have a range of adhesive tapes that can be applied to Poron® sponge to suit your requirements.