BF1000 Silicone Sponge Strip

At CB Frost, we keep BF1000 Silicone sponge as a roll stock material which can then be stripped to suit customer requirements.

BF1000 is a soft cellular Silicone sponge material with excellent memory and compression set, combined with low stress relaxation. These properties allow BF1000 Silicone sponge to adapt well to various environments, making it an ideal material for sealing purposes, shock absorption and cushioning, vibration isolation, and heat insulation for a wide selection of applications. BF1000 Silicone sponge strips are particularly useful for use as a seal as its softness means that less force is needed to seal when compared to other materials.

Exhibiting very good resistance to UV and ozone as well as an excellent low and high temperature range, BF1000 Silicone sponge strip is ideal for outdoor use. In addition to being able to withstand extreme temperatures, BF1000 is also fire safe – approved to BS6853, EN45545 and is UL94 approved to V-0 and HF-1.

  • BF1000 Silicone sponge strips can be cut to size in house from roll stock material
  • Strips can be manufactured to your specific width requirements, providing this is more than 4mm
  • BF1000 Silicone sponge strips can be supplied in short and long lengths, subject to your requirements
  • We can supply all strips as plain or adhesive backed
  • To provide adhesive backed strip, we have a range of adhesive tapes that are suitable for application to BF1000 Silicone

For assistance in choosing the right material for your application, please call our sales team on 0121 773 8494.