EPDM Semi-Closed Cell Sponge Strip

Unlike standard EPDM sponge, EPDM supper soft (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a semi closed cell sponge. This means that it contains a mixture of both open and closed cells, giving the sponge the flexibility to compress more easily.

Due to the properties of EPDM super soft sponge and other EPDM materials, it is ideally suited for use in outdoor and automotive applications. EPDM semi closed cell sponge exhibits impressive ozone, UV, weather and general resistance as well as withstanding a temperature range of between -40 ˚C and 120˚C.

EPDM super soft sponge is a model solution to sealing outdoor applications, to protect against dust and moisture.

What are the advantages of specifying EPDM semi closed cell super soft sponge?

  • It exhibits a high resistance to ozone and UV
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • Good resistance to electricity
  • Good flexibility and compression resistance

EPDM Semi-closed cell (super soft) sponge strip

We cut all semi closed cell EPDM sponge strips in house from roll material that we keep as stock

  • All EPDM super soft sponge strips are cut to your specific width requirements. We strip to a minimum width of 4mm
  • We supply EPDM super soft sponge strips in both short and long lengths, subject to your requirements

All EPDM washers can be supplied plain or adhesive backed as we have a wide range of adhesive tapes that can be applied to sponge materials to suit your requirements