Commercial / Insertion Rubber Washers

Commercial rubber features a number of extremely beneficial physical properties, including good tensile strength, high tear properties and a low compression set. Whilst Commercial rubber (also known as Insertion or SBR rubber) has a relatively good resistance to abrasion, when subjected to contact with ozone and UV rays, it tends to degrade at a much quicker rate; commercial rubber washers therefore, are unsuitable for outdoor applications.

One of the key benefits of specifying Commercial rubber as a washer material is that it is much more competitive in price compared to other grades of rubber, for example, Neoprene, Silicone and EPDM, providing a great economical alternative. At CB Frost, we can provide Commercial rubber washers in a range of different grades, thicknesses and shore hardness (some grades range from 40˚ IRHD to 80˚ IRHD).

  • We can provide commercial rubber washers of up to 6mm thick as adhesive backed to suit your requirements. All thicknesses can be supplied plain
  • Commercial rubber washers can be supplied between 1mm and 25mm in thickness
  • We will operate either an overhead, kiss-cutting or swing arm press according to the thickness of the rubber washers (between 1mm and 8mm)
  • Any commercial rubber washers which are over 8mm thick will be water jet cut. This is to ensure the washer remains flat and does not become concave, in order to give an accurate fit
  • All commercial rubber washers are manufactured from our roll stock material

Our core staff are highly experienced and can assist you in choosing the right material for your application. Please call our sales team on 0121 773 8484 if you have any queries.