Cork Washers

CB Frost can provide Cork washers in a wide selection of sizes, thicknesses and grades. To allow us to deliver quick turnaround times, we keep Cork in sheet or roll form to suit your requirements.

Cork washers have excellent oil and anti-vibration properties and can be a highly effective material for a wide range of applications; for example, oil and fuel pumps, switchgear and electrical transformers, as well as being used as flooring expansion jointing material. Cork washers can also be supplied in different grades, like Neoprene bonded or Nitrile bonded Cork.

We can manufacture a vast range of different sized Cork washers in house, using roll or sheet stock material.

  • Depending on the grade of material specified, we can produce Cork washers in thicknesses ranging between 0.8mm and 25mm
  • For Cork washers that are between 0.8mm and 10mm thick, we use our overhead, swing arm or kiss-cutting presses
  • For thicker materials of more than 10mm, when possible we use our overhead machines, but in many cases, we water jet cut washers to ensure that their edge are flat and flush, giving the required fit
  • For all Cork washers of up to 6mm thick, we can provide an adhesive backing. We stock a number of different adhesive tapes that are suitable for application to Cork materials
  • At CB Frost, we have the manufacturing capabilities to cater for all gasket production requirements, from custom one off needs to large volumes. For high volume production, we can supply washers kiss-cut on rolls, providing the size of the washers can fit on Cork roll material

Our core staff are highly experienced and always happy to assist you in choosing the right material for your application. If you have any queries, please call CB Frost on 0121 773 8494.