EPDM Rubber Washers

At CB Frost, we keep EPDM rubber roll material in stock as standard. We can manufacture all sizes of washers using our in-house facilities, allowing us to achieve fast turnaround times.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, more commonly known as EPDM rubber is a synthetic rubber that is commonly used for the manufacture of rubber washers. EPDM rubber is extremely resistant to ozone and UV and features excellent general weathering properties. These characteristics, combined with a temperature range of between -40˚C and +130˚C for certain grades make EPDM rubber washers ideal for use in automotive and outdoor applications. Other useful properties of EPDM rubber are a considerable resistance to vegetable-based hydraulic oils and water-based chemicals.

We keep a number of different grades of EPDM rubber sheet material in stock, allowing us to produce EPDM solid rubber washers in a range of thicknesses and shore hardness (between 40˚ IRHD to 80˚ IRHD, dependent on the specified grade).

  • We can supply EPDM rubber washers in a range of thicknesses (between 1mm and 12mm)
  • For rubber washers which a thickness of less than 6mm, we use our overhead, swing arm or kiss-cutting presses
  • For EPDM rubber washers with a thickness of more than 6mm, we use a water jet cutter for extra precision, making sure the washers give the correct fit and all edges are flat
  • We can supply all EPDM rubber washers as either plain or adhesive backed to suit your requirements
  • We have the facilities to produce custom one offs, or cater for large volume production requirements. For large volume requirements, we can supply washers as individuals, or kiss-cut and provided on rolls to suit your requirements

CB Frost’s core staff have a wealth of experience and can assist you with choosing the right material for your application. Please call our sales team on 0121 773 8484 for any advice required.