Poron® Urethane Washers

CB Frost have the facilities to supply Poron® Urethane sponge washers in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit your requirements.

Manufactured in black as standard but also supplied in white, Poron® Urethane is a closed cell sponge with very good compression set and deflection characteristics; meaning that Poron® Urethane sponge washers keep their shape well. Poron® Urethane is also suitable for outdoor use as it is UV stable and features low outgassing characteristics.

To make sure that we can consistently achieve quick turnover times, we keep some grades of Poron® Urethane as a roll stock material. Using our in house manufacturing facilities, we can cut roll and sheet material down to Poron® Urethane washers.

  • We can cater for all requirements, from one offs to large volumes
  • For high volume production requirements, washers can be kiss cut and supplied on rolls
  • Poron® Urethane washers can be supplied in a range of thicknesses, starting from 0.8mm
  • Poron® Urethane washers of between 0.8mm and 15mm thick can be cut to size using our overhead or swing arm presses
  • For thicker requirements (16mm or more), Poron® Urethane sponge washers are water jet cut – this makes sure that all edges of the washer are flat
  • We stock a number of adhesive tapes that can be applied to Poron® Urethane sponge to suit your needs – We can supply washers as either plain or adhesive backed, depending on their intended use

For further technical details about Poron® Urethane sponge washers, or if you have any questions about our manufacturing processes, please call CB Frost on 0121 773 8494.