PVC Sponge Washers

At CB Frost, we can produce PVC sponge washers in a wide variety of different colours to suit your requirements. We can cut all washers down to size from our stock roll material, using our in house manufacturing facilities.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a low density closed cell sponge that is commonly used as a gasket or washer material. PVC sponge washers have a number of advantageous properties, including a high resistance to ozone and solvents. We can supply PVC sponge washers in two grades as standard, slow or fast recovering PVC.

  • PVC sponge washers can be supplied in almost any size; cut to size at CB Frost using our in house manufacturing facilities
  • PVC sponge is available in a range of different densities
  • Washers with a thickness of between 3mm and 15mm can be manufactured using either our swing arm or overhead presses
  • Thicker washers (more than 16mm) are water jet cut to provide flat edges and provide the required fit
  • Whether you require a custom one off washer, or need a large volume of PVC sponge washers in a quick turnaround time, CB Frost can cater for all production requirements
  • For large volume production, we can supply washers as either individually cut, or kiss-cut and provided on a roll – depending on your specific requirements
  • We have a wide range of adhesive tapes that can be applied to PVC sponge and can provide PVC sponge washers as plain or adhesive backed

Call out experienced team now on 0121 773 8494 to talk to us about your sponge washer requirements.