HT 200

BISCO® HT-200 Sound Block material is specifically designed to reduce the transmission of sound within interior spaces while inhibiting the spread of fire and smoke.

The elastomeric materials use a filler technology to solve acoustic, fire and smoke issues within a variety of markets. They are supplied in roll form and are available with or without adhesives and supported backings to aid in your installation.

Features and benefits

  • Flame retardent properties ensure compliance to international safety standards for Mass Transit and Aerospace
  • Filler technology reduces the spread of flame and toxic smoke during accidents, which are a leading cause of injuries
  • Sound transmission can be “tuned” by adjusting the areal density or weight of the materials. See tables for reference
  • Rubber elastomer has good tear strength with excellent resistance to compression set, UV light, moisture, and cleaning alcohols
  • Maintains properties at temperatures between -67°F and 482°F (-55°C and 250°C)


  • Sub-flooring for railcars
  • Interior vehicle panels
  • Air ducts


Available with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or two sides to allow easy application to a variety of surfaces.

Also available with a fibreglass backing on either side of the product at no extra charge to allow users a variety of options for installation. The fibreglass backing enhances the strength and tear resistance of the material, which allows users to mechanically attach the Sound Block to various surfaces such as carpet or steel without sacrificing the integrity and durability of the BISCO Sound Block material.

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