The properties of MF775 solid Silicone rubber makes the material suitable for use within the mass transit industry.

MF775 solid Silicone rubber is a fire safe material, compliant to BS6853, EN45545 and NFF16-101. In addition to these properties MF775 also has excellent resistance to UV and ozone, combined with resistance to extremely low and high temperatures, making it an attractive choice for a range of uses.

At CB Frost we keep MF775 solid Silicone rubber sheeting as a stock material in a variety of different thicknesses. This can be converted into silicone rubber strip, gaskets and washers to suit your requirements. MF775 can also be manufactured as Extruded Profiles and Moulded Shapes, please refer to our products page for more information.

Features and benefits

  • Flame retardant properties ensure compliance to international safety standards for Rail and Mass Transit
  • Availiable in a variety of finished products including gaskets, washers, strip, extruded profiles and mouldings
  • Excellent resistance to UV and ozone
  • Temperature range between -55°C and 250°C (-67°F and 482°F)


  • Gap Fillers
  • HVAC Seals
  • LCD Displays
  • Lighting Enclosures
  • Floor Packers

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