Sealing Solutions for Agriculture

Farmers face multiple challenges in today’s agriculture environment. Feeding an expanding global population, confronting extreme operating conditions, and producing more food on fewer acres, while at the same time minimizing environmental impact, are just some of them. These forces drive the need for agricultural innovation, such as precision farming, and generate demand for technologically advanced farming equipment. Manufacturers respond in turn with technology, which boosts farm productivity in tandem with a more efficient, cleaner operating machine. During planting and harvesting seasons, any downtime can be costly. Knowing the capabilities and limitations of a manufacturer’s design is key to ensuring dependability during peak seasonal operations. Surviving extended running time and exposure to contaminants is essential to avoiding downtime. Reliable sealing solutions and designs you can trust are imperative.

Sealing Materials for Agriculture

Here at CB Frost, we offer a wide material range for your sealings requirements depending on the application:

  • EPDM – Seal washers and weather seals. Exceptional resistance to atmospheric ageing, oxygen, UV and ozone. It has good resistance to most water-based chemicals and to vegetable-based hydraulic oils.
  • PTFE – High strength chemical resistance, low friction sealing capabilities.
  • Reinforced Rubber – A 65 shore Natural rubber (NR)/SBR blended rubber sheeting with a Cotton Insertion for general purpose or gasket use. Suitable for Skirting and flooring applications.
  • Nitrile Rubber – High resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbon oils and fuels. Different grades are available including BS2751 grades. High resilience and high wear resistance.
  • Viton – Typically used in resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, oils. Different grades are available including Viton A, Viton B, The Viton A grade is the material of choice for Petrochemical seals and gasket applications in contact with aggressive hydrocarbons and high temperatures, low temperatures or generally extreme conditions.

Our product capabilities include, but are not limited to:

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