What people are saying….

“I have found CB Frost over the past 10 years to be a first class supplier, that is always willing to help. The sales team are very knowledgeable and efficient, production always on time and quality is excellent”

P Upton, Company Buyer

“Working with Rolling Stock manufacturer’s presents many challenges, both in terms of the materials used in vehicle build, and the exacting quality standards expected. We have found over the years that CB Frost are consistently capable of meeting the required criteria. The support we receive provides us with the confidence that when projects are being developed we can always rely on CB Frost to offer excellent levels of service”

M Knowles, Procurement & Marketing Controller

“I have had the pleasure of many years of positive results from CB Frost when handling the expediting of orders across many Rail Projects. They have always been pro-active when urgent help is required with the complex issues across many areas of the rail business, and their positive approach to dealing with anything thrown at them is commendable. Delivery dates are always met, and their quality is never in question”

P Soar, Supply Chain Expeditor

“We would like to thank you for all the assistance you have provided over the past business year. Your support has been a contributing factor to the continued success of our organisation and we consider ourselves fortunate to have suppliers such as yourselves at our disposal”

G Mears, Financial Controller

“For the many years that we have dealt with CB Frost our experience has been second to none. We experience very rare, high levels of service and attention to detail. The process from initial enquiry to receipt of the goods is faultless. We believe CB Frost has established a wonderful culture of customer service and we look forward to all future dealings with them”

N Phillips, Director

“Our first experience with CB Frost was a result of struggling to bring a technically challenging silicone sponge extrusion design into production. We solved this with a considerable degree of high level support and sound advice from CB Frost. This gave us the confidence to source many critical items with them, which are supplied with consistently high quality with reliable and flexible delivery schedules”

S Wilson, Design Director


“CB Frost have consistently proved themselves to be a first class supplier. Orders are always confirmed/acknowledged in a timely manner and promised delivery dates are rigorously adhered to. The quality of the product combined with aggressive pricing leaves me with no hesitation in recommending this company”

J Senior, Purchasing Manager