The CB Frost Guide to Rubber Extrusions

As specialist rubber and plastics manufacturers, as well as supplying a comprehensive range of materials to different industries, using our in-house facilities, we supply a range of bespoke products to meet customer specifications. To ensure that we always at the very least, meet expectations, we work closely with customers to make certain that all their needs are carefully addressed.

In addition to cutting roll stock materials into gaskets and washers, as well as moulding and fabricating simple and complex shapes, CB Frost also offer a practically limitless range (mostly to customer’s designs) of extruded cellular sponge and rubber profiles for use in applications for all sectors. Extrusion is a very common manufacturing process that allows for the creation of products with a consistent cross-sectional profile.

All extrusion production follows these simple processes:

  • Rubber sheet material is cut into strip form and fed into the extruder and is heated to the required temperature as it moves through the barrel
  • The heated rubber material is forced through a die at the end of the barrel. The die is the element of tooling that determines the cross section of the desired profile
  • The extruded profile is then cured, ready for final inspection and shipping

In addition to standard shaped and sized extrusions, we create completely bespoke profiles. Working alongside customers, we develop new dies to suit their exact specifications.

rubber extrusion

Bespoke rubber extrusions

We commonly manufacture extrusions using materials such as EPDM, Natural rubber, Nitrile rubber, Silicone and Viton, dependent on customer requirements and the intended application of the extrusion. EPDM rubber extrusions are regularly chosen for the outstanding properties provided by this material, for example, it exhibits strong resistance to UV light, ozone and general weathering, as well as extreme temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 130°C. These properties, combined with a good resistance to a range of water based chemicals and vegetable based hydraulic oils make EPDM rubber extrusions well suited for applications within the automotive industry.

Bespoke rubber extrusions for use in the rail sector

A market leader in the rubber and plastics industry, we regularly supply extruded profiles to a number of sectors, including automotive, lighting and Rail (mass transit). With our knowledge base and experience of cellular sponge, rubber, and silicone materials as well as teaming up with industry leading material manufactures to support us, CB Frost continue to grow as a valued supplier into the mass transit vehicle industry as well as other sectors.

Our rail materials comply with all current rail industry standards, including BS6853:1999 and EN45545-2 fire safety standards. From 2018 onwards, EN45545 fire safety tested materials will be mandatory throughout Europe, so we ensure that all extruded profiles and rail materials are tested rigorously.

To learn more about EN45545 bespoke rubber extrusions, CB Frost should be your first point of call. Simply telephone our knowledgeable team today on +44 (0) 121 773 8494 and we will be happy to help in whichever way we can. If you have an extrusion that you need creating, send us a drawing or sample along with details of quantities and application specifications and we can work alongside you to develop the ideal end-product.


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