What is a Gasket?

At CB Frost, we have the capabilities to produce gaskets of all shapes and sizes, simple and complex, as custom one-offs or large production runs, and in an extensive range of materials to suit applications across all industrial sectors. The big question is, what is a gasket?

Gaskets are found in so many different products, and in all industries. For example, gaskets are found in the automotive industry, the rail industry, aerospace, construction, food processing, pharmaceuticals, water, oil, gas, petrochemicals and many more sectors.

People can mean many different things when they talk about gaskets, but simply put, a gasket can be described as a component that sits between two surfaces. Gaskets can be used for a wide variety of different uses, including vibration reduction, noise and sound reduction, hygiene, packaging, and most commonly, sealing.

Gasket or Seal?

You may well have the impression that gaskets and seals are the same thing as they perform the same function, however, there are several key differences. As stated above, gaskets create a joint between two static surfaces, and are often compressed in order to provide a sealing function to prevent leakage between these two parts.

A seal is usually a dynamic part that prevents leakage between parts that often show sliding or relative motion, and prevents foreign particles such as dust or moisture from entering a joint. 

Whilst a seal is not a gasket, a gasket is categorised as one of the most important types of seal. Other seals can include mechanical seals, shaft seals, valve seals, liquid seals, o-ring seals, and rotary seals.


What are Gaskets Manufactured From

Gaskets can be manufactured from many different materials, depending on the characteristics needed for their intended application. Most frequently, gaskets are made from flexible materials that are highly compressible. At CB Frost, we manufacture gaskets from our extensive range of rubber, sponge, foam and cork materials, which are available in different grades and specifications to suit the requirements of the gasket in question. 

Gaskets may be subjected to all kinds of environments for which the gasket material will be required to resist. For example, in order to function effectively, gaskets may need to be resistant to acid, alkaline, extreme low and high temperatures, UV, ozone, pressure, and/or different weather conditions. 

Our specialist team are on hand to discuss your gasket needs and help you choose the right material for your gasket application.

Gasket Manufacturing

At our manufacturing base in Birmingham, we have invested in the technology to allow us to produce gaskets in all quantities. For high volume requirements, our high speed cutting and kiss cutting press allows us to efficiently manufacture gaskets at considerable speed, whilst maintaining complete precision. We can also provide gaskets with adhesive backing if necessary.

In addition to cutting gaskets, we also have the capabilities to cut sheeting, tape and washers, as well as extruding, moulding and fabrication.

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