Fire Compilance to EN45545-2 & BS6853

For Rail Applications

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CB Frost are experts in the conversion of rubber, sponge and plastic materials. As leaders in our industry, we pride ourselves in working closely with our customers, to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions for the wide range of materials we have on offer.  CB Frost supply and deliver products to a global market place, serving major industries, directly supplying OEMs, established just-in-time outlets, and an array of SME's.

As a customer of CB Frost, you can be assured we will help reduce material waste where possible, lowering costs in return, as well as providing excellent customer service delivering product to specification and on time.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, so you can feel assured that you are in safe hands when working with us.


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We are a company that is growing and increasing in profitability, whilst maintaining the same care for our customers and suppliers. Our vision is to continue to give our employees the opportunity for both personal and professional growth to offer a career not just a job.

Compliant Materials

For Rail Applications

Rail SD Thermal Insulation Foam

Offering the first flexible closed-cell insulation with integrated fire protection for the international railway industry.


In rolling stock, heating ventilation and air- conditioning (HVAC) equipment is the second largest energy consumer after the traction. Insulating this mechanical equipment with our closed-cell and highly flexible ArmaFlex Rail products is one of the simplest and most efficient measures to save energy in railway vehicles.


Fire Compliance to EN45545-2 & BS6853

At CB Frost our experience  within the rail industry, coupled with our expert materials knowledge, make us the first choice partner for an array of rail specific materials


Gap Fillers

HT800 silicone sponge, BF1000, BF2000 and MF1 silicone foams are all fire resistant materials


EPDM/Silicone solid profiled section

Seating Cushions

MF1 is a high quality silicone foam designed for a wide range of cushioning and seating applications

Smoke Seals

MF1 silicone foam with exceptional compliance to FST standards and BF1000 silicone foam ideal for use as tape, gaskets and smoke seals


HT800, BF1000 and BF2000 low compression set silicone foam seals


Rail SB insulation grade foam

Vibration Insulation

HT800 and BF1000 silicone foam


Rail SD

Door Seals

MF775, HT800 and BF2000 silicone seals are fire safe, Ozone and UV resistant

Lighting Enclosure Gaskets

HT800, BF1000 and BF2000 fire safe silicone foam

LCD Gasket

HT800 silicone sponge and BF1000 silicone foam are both FST compliant



Our catalogue of cellular silicone insulation materials for the rail industry complies with rail industry standards including BS6853:1999, EN45545-2, NFF-16-101 and the LUL (London Underground) safety standards, you can be confident that all roll stock and converted materials conform to industry legal regulations.

Military Sector


Synthetic rubbers were originally used in military applications as military vehicles developed rapidly after WW1. This has not changed today, we at CB Frost are extremely proud to be an approved supplier for the Ministry of Defence.

HVAC Industry


In order for HVAC units on trains, buses and coaches to function effectively and efficiently, proper insulation is vital. HVAC insulation seals must fit certain characteristics, including excellent sound insulation, temperature resistance, durability and passing fire safety standards. CB Frost

Power Sector


Many of our products, such as EPDM and Silicone rubber are used in electrical appliances and insulations. These products are ideal for this sector as they can be trusted to be reliable for a long time, maintaining their durability and performance, even when in contact with extreme conditions.

Construction Sector


CB Frost's rubber products make their way into many different construction projects. Most notably, the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement; the new arch-shaped shelter intended to contain the ruins of the unit destroyed during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

Automotive Sector


Rubber is a key material in the automotive industry due to its advantageous properties. One major benefit of rubber is a high level of flexibility and low compression set when faced
with extreme low and high temperatures.

Solar Panels


With our products and materials for lighting and electrical enclosure manufacturers, we are capable to supply the energy and solar sector with sealing materials that protect from the ingress of water, dust and other potentially damaging substances, as well as withstanding a range of weather conditions.

Street Light Sector


Effective sealing materials for lighting are essential for preventing dust or moisture from seeping into a lighting component. Any seepage could cause components to suffer from damage or even failure, often resulting in costly replacement fees. At CB Frost, we ensure that we carefully choose the appropriate enclosure and gasket materials for the relevant seal design to ensure that the seal is effective for a long period of time.



CB Frost have teamed up with Rogers’ Corporation and their range of materials to provide EV/HEV battery pad solutions.


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CB Frost are an established UK supplier with 100 years experience supplying quality die-cut gaskets, tape, washers, sheeting, rubber mouldings, sponge and rubber extrusions worldwide.

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