How Can CB Frost Help The Construction Industry?

The drive for increased performance in Acoustic and Thermal Insulation properties of Modern Buildings requires the use of flexible, lightweight, eco-friendly, and technically advanced materials.

With the construction of new houses and Buildings, there are many outside influences which create issues. These include temperature, tolerances, noise, thermal insulation, or interior structures. The solution to these issues are various Foams used to fill gaps. These foams insulate buildings against frost, improve insulation in pipework, absorb sound or used in solar systems.

CB Frost offer solutions to these issues with our range of building foams that designed for your specific application, and meet BS 476 part 6 & 7 Class O. We convert and process materials suitable for these requirements in a huge variety of uses where Acoustic reduction and Thermal insulation are the focus of specification and application requirements.


CB Frost Foams used in Buildings Include:

  • EPDM Sponge

  • PVC Foam

  • Polyethelene Foam

  • Polyurethane Foam

  • Class O PVC Nitrile Sponge

  • Melamine Foam

EPDM Sponge and Polyethylene Applications

EPDM and Polyethylene closed cell Foams are ideally suited for applications such as horizontal and vertical gap-fillers, Thermal and Acoustic Barriers for walls and flooring, under-floor systems, insulation products for roofing and Solar Panel systems.

Polyethylene foams and EPDM Sponge materials are low-cost, light-weight and flexible so that they are ideally suited for gap-filling applications such as seals for water defence barriers.

EPDM has attributes of Ozone resistance, good weather resistance, UV stable, has high temperature performance and it is Flame retardant to various industry specifications. As the material is closed cell, it provides sealing properties against air, dust, water and moisture ingress so that it can be adapted for use as a seal or gasket in numerous applications such as the following:

Weather Seal for Windows and Doors

Expansion Joints

Side/End Laps on Roofing Sheets

Joints for Portable or Sectional Buildings

Abutment Seals for Conservatories

Side / End Laps on Roofing Sheets

Sealing Roof Lights

Caravan and Mobile Home Manufacture

Acoustic Seals

Timber Buildings


Joints for Portable or Sectional Buildings

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PE, PVC & PU Foam Applications

PVC open and semi-closed Foams are extensively used in window and glazing systems for sealing, cushioning and protection purposes. PVC Foam pads are extensively used for protection of glass whilst in transit, storage and handling to prevent damage and breakage. PE, PVC & PU Foams are brilliant in numerous applications, including the following:

Frost Blankets – PE Foam for thermal insulation

Pipe Insulation – PE Foam or PVC-Nitrile for pipe lagging

Expansion Joint Fillers – PE Foam (Low density for brickwork & blockwork)

Expansion Joint Fillers – PE Foam (Med. Density for brickwork & blockwork where water needs keeping out)

Backer Rod/cord – PE Foam

Seals (glazing units) – PVC Foam

Seals (uneven surfaces) – PU Foam impregnated with Acrylic similar to Compriband

Weatherstrip – PE Foam

Bearing Strips – PE Foam

Acoustic Flanking Band – PE Foam (isolates acoustic flooring systems)

Parquet Floor Underlay – PE Foam

We also offer a range of closed cell PE foam cord and Neoprene Sponge Rubber Cord and tubes in different diameters. The foams are packed in boxes and we sell by box quantities

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