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CB Frost has teamed up with one of the industry’s most dynamic cellular silicone manufacturers in order to provide and meet the needs of the modern engineering industry. The very latest technology for processing cellular silicones is now being combined with CB Frost’s knowledge & experience in the fabrication of cellular gaskets and tape materials. As a preferred converter, CB Frost supplies the full range of BISCO® cellular silicones and composites in a wide range of thickness’s.

The BISCO® cellular silicones meet the most stringent industry requirements for fire, smoke & toxic fumes and extends the temperature range over which most cellular elastomers have been found to be effective. Excellent compression set values mean increased long term reliability for sealing, cushioning and anti vibration applications. All materials are available in continuous rolls, pads, gaskets or fabrications and can be supplied adhesive coated for ease of application.

Available materials include:

  • HT 200

     Silicone Sound Block

  • HT 800

    Silicone Foam

  • BF 1000

    Silicone Foam

  • BF 2000

    Silicone Foam

  • MF1-55

    Silicone Foam

  • L3-XX40

    Silicone Foam


Accoustic Barriers

Where our products are used

Door Seals


Gap Fillers


HVAC Seals


LCD Display Gaskets


Lighting Enclosure Gaskets


Seating Cushions



Smoke Seals



Vibration Isolation


Armaflex® Rail SD & SD-C

CB Frost have formed a strong partnership with Armacell UK to be its distributor of Armaflex Rail SD insulation materials within the UK.

Armaflex® Rail SD & SD-C sponge is the worlds first flexible closed cell insulation material to meet EN45545-2 fire protection requirements. It is the leading and most innovative closed cell thermal insulation available to the railway industry worldwide and comes complete with a built-in vapour barrier reducing the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Armaflex® Rail SD & SD-C has been developed to produce extremely low smoke density and reduce the risk of mould and mildew contributing to an improved indoor air quality.

Armaflex® Rail sponge comes in two grades; either standard SD or SD-C which is the standard SD material but with a silver metallic look coating.

Rail SD Thermal Insulation Foam

Offering the first flexible closed-cell insulation with integrated fire protection for the international railway industry.


In rolling stock, heating ventilation and air- conditioning (HVAC) equipment is the second largest energy consumer after the traction. Insulating this mechanical equipment with our closed-cell and highly flexible ArmaFlex Rail products is one of the simplest and most efficient measures to save energy in railway vehicles.



As a ISO9001:2015 accredited company, we are working alongside our raw material suppliers to ensure that our products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

With experience of supplying materials for projects such as VLU (Victoria Line Underground), SSL (Sub Surface Lines), Electro star, IEP/Crossrail & Mk3 to name but a few, our range of specialist, high performance materials complies with rail industry standards BS6853:1999, EN45545-2,  NFF-16-101 and the LUL (London Underground) Safety Standards. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge, extensive product range

and excellent customer service. With recent experience of working on HSR, Metro, Underground and Tramway projects, CB Frost should be your first point of call for any rail industry requirement. Our range of BISCO® materials comply with rail industry standards, BS6853:1999, EN45545-2, NFF-16-101 and the LUL (London Underground) safety standards.


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