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Sealing Materials For Lighting

Effective sealing materials for lighting are essential for preventing dust or moisture from seeping into a lighting component. Any seepage could cause the component to suffer from damage or even failure, often resulting in costly replacement fees. At CB Frost, we ensure that we carefully choose the appropriate enclosure and gasket materials for the relevant seal design to ensure that the seal is effective for a long period of time.

Each type of material offers different qualities, properties and characteristics which result in different sealing capabilities whilst able to achieve an IP rating of IP66 and IP67 (Subject to sounds design).

When selecting the optimum material for a lighting seal, the following points must be taken into consideration:

  • Compressibility

  • Environmental exposure

  • Sealing effectiveness

  • Outgassing levels

  • Non-fogging capability

A variety of materials can pose a variety of problems. That’s where CB Frost’s expertise comes into play. We are aware of outgassing issues including Sulphur from various materials as well as adhesive problems when using acrylic based solutions. Even in extreme conditions our knowledge and experience gained from such projects as:

  • TfL – Bakerloo Line refurbishment

  • Dubai Hotel Chain – Balcony Light Installation

  • Birmingham Airport – Exterior Lighting Upgrade

Some of our most commonly used sealing materials for lighting are:

  • EPDM

  • Neoprene

  • Polyethylene

  • Bisco™ Silicone

  • Silicone

  • Poron™


At CB Frost, we commonly utilise BISCO Silicones and PORON Urethanes as lighting gasket materials as they are already certified for use under a range of standards. The fact that the materials already have the relevant certification means that the screening process can be simplified, as it removes the need to test each individual material used within the component.

Manufactured parts which include BISCO Silicones and PORON Urethanes should continue to perform to a high standard even after constant and repeated deflection, meaning that sealing integrity should always be maintained.

Unique Selling Points of Bisco™ Silicones

  • High levels of ozone and UV resistance

  • Effective when used in either high or low temperatures

  • Excellent compression set and deflection characteristics

  • UL approved

  • Low outgassing

  • Fire safe (low smoke and low toxicity)

  • IP65 and IP66 approved (subject to sound design of component)

  • HT800 – London Underground Approved

Unique Selling Points of PORON™ Urethane:

  • Non fogging

  • Low outgassing

  • Excellent compression set and deflection characteristics

  • Variety of densities

  • UL Certified

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