BF1000 Silicone Sponge Gaskets

BF1000 Silicone sponge is a soft cellular Silicone sponge that is commonly used as a gasket material. Due to the compressibility, softness and durability of BF1000 Silicone sponge gaskets, they can adapt to a wide range of environments and are ideal for sealing out enclosures, providing shock absorption and heat insulation for electronics, as well as providing cushioning and vibration isolation for various applications.

Key benefits of BF1000 Silicone gaskets are their excellent memory and low stress relaxation, excellent resistance to UV and ozone and impressive temperature range (both low and high). BF1000 Silicone sponge is fire safe – approved to BS6853, EN45545 and is UL94 approved to V-0 and HF-1.

At CB Frost, we can manufacture a wide range of gaskets from BF1000 Silicone sponge roll stock material.


  • BF1000 Silicone sponge is available in white as standard
  • BF1000 Silicone sponge gaskets can be supplied in any shape from simple rectangular, square or circular designs to more complex shapes with holes, cut-outs, radius and angled corners
  • BF1000 Silicone sponge gaskets can be produced in a range of thicknesses from 1.6mm to 25.4mm. If you need a thicker material we can laminate the material together
  • BF1000 Silicone sponge gaskets with a thickness of 1.6mm to 12.7mm would be manufactured on our overhead, swing arm and kiss-cutting presses
  • BF1000 Silicone sponge gaskets above 16mm thick would be water jet cut ensuring all edges of the gasket are flat and not concaved to give a correct fit
  • We cater for all production requirements, from one offs to full volume
  • High volume production requirements can be supplied kiss-cut on rolls – dependent on the size and shape of your gasket requirement
  • We can supply all BF1000 Silicone sponge gaskets plain or adhesive backed to suit your specific requirements

If you have any queries about BF1000 Silicone sponge gasket material, you can call CB Frost on 0121 773 8494 and our team will be on hand to help.