EPDM Rubber Sheeting

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, commonly known as EPDM is a synthetic solid rubber material. It is well suited to and commonly made use of for outdoor and automotive applications due to its outstanding weathering properties and high resistance to ozone and UV, as well as a considerable temperature resistance range (between -40˚C + 130˚C, depending on the grade).

What are the biggest advantages of specifying EPDM rubber?

  • Its combination of resistance to UV, ozone and general weathering
  • EPDM solid rubber is available in a range of thicknesses
  • It is available in a range of shore hardnesses, subject to the specified grade (40˚ IRHD to 80˚ IRHD)
  • EPDM shows a good resistance to water-based chemicals and vegetable-based hydraulic oils, making it ideal for automotive use

At CB Frost, we keep EPDM rubber sheet material in stock to ensure a fast turnaround on orders. EPDM solid rubber can be moulded or extruded in many complex shapes

EPDM solid rubber sheeting

We stock EPDM solid rubber sheeting as standard in thicknesses between 1mm and 6mm. We can provide thicker specifications upon request.

  • As standard, EPDM rubber sheeting is available in Black
  • We can supply EPDM in either roll or sheet form at 1400mm wide. To discuss your specific needs, please feel free to call our sales team on 0121 773 8494
  • All EPDM solid rubber sheeting can be supplied as plain or adhesive backed. At CB Frost, we stock a wide range of adhesive tapes that can be applied to the back of rubber materials to suit your requests.