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high speed gasket cutting

When CB Frost was formed in 1921, an ethos of ‘quality without compromise’ was established. 100 years later, quality without compromise remains our mission, but the world around us has changed immeasurably. Technology has seen huge advancements decade on decade and the pace of the world has increased massively. As a result, our customer’s requirements have changed considerably and so has the speed at which they expect turnaround to be.

Needless to say, whilst customers expect the delivery of components to be fast, expectations for the precision and overall quality are also high. To maintain our reputation for quality without compromise has meant continually investing in new machinery and seeking new ways to improve our manufacturing processes.

Our High Speed Gasket Cutting Machine

high speed gasket cutting machine

Before moving to our new premises in 2020, we invested in a new high-speed cutting and kiss-cutting machine to help increase our efficiency in manufacturing a wide range of products, including gaskets, seals, washers, tapes, all of which can be backed with adhesives when required.

Our high speed gasket cutting machine operates at extremely high speeds, die cutting or kiss cutting at up to 100 strokes a minute. Whilst speeding up processes, the quality engineering of the machine ensures an extremely high level of precision, allowing for all gaskets to be cut with a clean and accurate finish, passing our stringent quality control protocols. 

As a result of increasing production speeds and maintaining precision, we can ensure that gasket runs of all sizes can be packaged and sent to customers immediately, without the need for further finishing processes.

Kiss cutting gaskets

In addition to die cutting, we can also kiss cut gaskets, a process in which the gasket shape is cut into material, but the scrap is kept attached, allowing for gaskets to be supplied on rolls and simply be removed from the roll as needed. Adhesive backed gaskets are commonly kiss cut, allowing them to be simply peeled away from the scrap material, leaving a clean, precise finished component for immediate use. 

Your Gasket Requirements

Whether you are in need of prototypes, a short run, or large volume gasket production, we can deliver the components you require with fast lead times, whilst maintaining quality and precision.

To discuss your gasket requirements, or for help in identifying the best suited materials for your application, call our experienced sales team today on +44 (0) 121 773 8494 today and we will be glad to assist you.


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