Silicone Sponge Profiles

At CB Frost we are able to supply and manufacture an extensive range of extruded silicone cellular sponge profiles to suit all types of applications. Whether our clients need standard shaped profiles such as square, rectangle or circular, or completely bespoke extruded profiles, we can fulfil their needs. Our profile sections can be supplied in complete coils, cut down to specific lengths, or even fabricated into rings of the required size, using our inhouse jointing equipment.

Closed cell silicone profiles can also be supplied in different grades to suit their intended application, including EN45545-2 rail compliant, UL94 V-0 grade, and general-purpose grades. To provide a durable solution to a wide range of uses, silicone sponge provides excellent resistance to ozone, UV and general weathering.

We can also supply sponge in densities ranging from 200kg/m³ to 530kg/m³.

Standard Silicone Sponge Profiles

Silicone Sponge Rectangle Sections

Rectangle extruded profiles can be supplied in thicknesses of between 3mm and 40mm and up to 100mm wide, dependent on the intended application.

Silicone Sponge Squared Sections

Square sponge profiles can be supplied from 3mm to 50mm squared to suit customer requirements.

Silicone Sponge Cord

We cut silicone sponge cord (circular sections) with diameters of 2mm to 50mm, dependent on the grade of sponge specified.

Silicone Sponge Extrusions to supply the Rail Industry

CBF SIL-V0 Sponge – EN45545-2

Last year, the new European standard for fire safety (EN45545-2) became mandatory in the rail industry. As a result of our connections and experience working with rail industry partners, we were able to stay ahead of the game, providing an extensive catalogue of EN45545-2 compliant materials.

With the introduction of EN45545-2 in mind, we launched our new lightweight silicone sponge, CBF SIL-V0. Specifically designed to improve fire and smoke safety for the rail industry, it is compliant with the new European fire safety standard EN45545-2 (R22/R23 – HL3) and can be extruded to form a number of simple shapes (square, rectangle and circular) as well as more technical profiles.

CBF SIL-V0 provides an ideal material for LCD display gaskets, anti-vibration strips and seals, HVAC, electrical enclosures, gap fillers and many other applications within the rail industry. Its closed cell structure means that in addition to being fire safe, it is resistant to water, moisture and dust.Silicone sponge extrusions

For more detailed information on extruded sponge profiles, or for assistance in choosing the right materials for a specific application, please call our sales team on +44 (0)121 773 8494.


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