Why to Select PORON® Urethane for Industrial Applications

PORON® Urethane is a flexible and highly versatile open celled foam material that offers excellent performance in many different applications, from everyday equipment such as sportswear, protective gear, and communications equipment, to parts within the Hubble Space Telescope. With its compression set resistance, non-fogging, and low outgassing properties, it is well suited for many cushioning, sealing, gasketing and vibration/sound absorption applications.

PORON® Urethan

Grades of PORON® Urethane

Patented by global leader in materials development, Rogers Corporation, PORON foam is manufactured through repeated casting and curing of mechanical frothed urethane monomers until it achieves the desired thickness. By altering the density and controlling the chemistry of PORON®, different grades of foam material are developed to suit different applications, including:

Poron 4701-30 – Very soft foam material for use in gap filling and flexible gasketing applications

Poron 4701-40 – Soft PORON foam material, suitable for a diverse range of purposes.

Poron 4701-50 – Firm foam material, ideally suited for gasketing applications where high energy impact management is required.

Poron 4701-60 – A very firm urethane foam commonly used for energy management and gasket applications for enclosures.

Poron 4790-92 – Extra soft foam with a slow rebound and very low closure force.

Poron 4790-79 – Available in a range of densities to suit different designs and applications, well suited for cushioning and shock absorption.

Poron AquaPro® 4701-37 and 4701-41 – Featuring excellent water sealing capabilities and available in a range of thicknesses.

Poron EVExtend® – Foam material with an excellent compression set, designed specifically for us in EV/HEV applications.

Poron ShockPad® – Foam material with excellent compression set resistance, providing excellent impact protection, whilst also allowing for extremely thin designs.

Poron ShockSeal® – Foam material that is well suited for cushioning and sealing applications, conforming to small and highly intricate designs.

Poron V-0® – Designed for long term performance, meeting UL94 V-0 and HBF flammability ratings.

PORON foam

Key Benefits for Industrial Use

There are a range of beneficial properties that allow PORON to be such a versatile and valuable material for an array of different industrial applications. Perhaps the most important trait to consider is the open-cell structure of each grade of PORON®. This design ensures that when exposed to pressure, the material compresses, but upon release of the pressure, it is able to return to its original shape and size.

Whilst closed-cell foams can provide an effective cushion by holding air in pockets within the material, over time, these air pockets leak, and the foam begins to lose its physical memory, which can lead to the failure of gasketing and sealing applications, as well as rendering cushioning or vibration isolation applications ineffective. In contrast, the open cell structure of PORON foam allows for air to move freely through the material, so when pressure is released, air can easily flow back into the open cells in order to return the material to its original shape. 

In addition to sealing applications, this compression set resistance means that PORON® Urethane is also highly effective in impact and vibration absorption, and cushioning. For applications where resistance to chemicals and other liquids is important, for example, industrial machinery, or automotive equipment, PORON foam provides an ideal solution due to its low outgassing qualities. It also exhibits strong resistance to a wide range of temperatures (between -40 and +90℃) and is UL94 approved for flammability resistance.

PORON® Urethane is also available in thicknesses ranging from as thin as 0.3mm, up to 12.7mm, and can easily be manufactured in a range of products, including gaskets, washers, strips and sheeting. It is also well suited for use with various adhesives for tape, or for fabrication with other materials.

Selecting the Ideal Poron Foam

As a preferred UK converter of Rogers Corporation, with a relationship of more than 30 years, CB Frost are well placed to offer advice on the right grade of PORON® for any application, as well as offering the manufacturing facilities and expertise to deliver the perfect products for your industrial needs.

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