Die Cutting Formes

Die Cutting Formes

Die cutting is a manufacturing process used to consistently generate the same shape from a wide variety of materials, such as sponge, rubber foam, cork, paper and thin plastics. To cut sheet materials into the intended shape through die cutting, a template featuring sharp, specially shaped steel blades is used. The blades are bent into shape and usually mounted into plywood - the resulting tool is known as a cutting forme.

Die Cutting Tooling Manufacturers

At CB Frost, we manufacture wood cutting formes on site in our toolroom. The tooling, commonly referred to as a cutting due, cutting tool or cutting formes are usually available in three main types:

Wood Formes
A steel cutting blade is bent to the required shape and set in plywood.

Strip Steel
This is a heavier gauge steel, bent to the required shape, and may be reinforced.

Forged Steel
Heavy duty construction where the highest precision is required, usually for long runs and harder materials. This is the most expensive type of die cutting forme.

Our service is fast, efficient, reliable and competitively priced.

Cutting fomes have three or four components; a base (plywood board), steel rule cutting blade, punches (creating holes in the desired shape, if required) and ejection material (to remove the cut shape from the cutting formes).

The Process for Manufacturing a Cutting Forme

  • We consult with the customer and obtain drawings or the size required.
  • The design shape is cut into the cutting forme base (plywood).
  • The steel rule cutting blade is bent into the shape of the design by hand and fitted into the plywood.
  • Punches to create holes in the shape are added, if required.
  • Final inspection is performed to ensure the cutting forme is correct to the drawing.
  • The cutting forme is signed off and ready for use.

Benefits of Using Cutting Formes

Die cutting tools offer a variety of benefits.

  • Wide range of materials - Die cutting formes can be used to cut a wide range of soft and semi rigid materials in various thicknesses.
  • Cost effective – The tooling for die cutting is inexpensive, features short manufacturing times and can allow for multiple dies to be nested and integrated in a single die board (plywood) to increase production and reduce the cost of parts.
  • Efficiency – The process is an efficient, high-speed method for creating uniform parts on a regular basis.

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