Fabrication & Assembly

We are specialists in the production of fabricated rubber and sponge products using a range of methods and our skilled fabricators can produce bespoke parts to suit most applications.

Rubber fabrication is ideal for making prototypes, one-off seals to regular production runs and our team of fabricators can bond, laminate, cut, shape, press and punch products using most sponge and rubber materials.

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Bonded Gaskets Manufactured From Extruded Section

Bonded Gaskets Using Adhesive

An effective method for bonding neoprene, EPDM and Silicone sponge materials together, suitable adhesive is applied to the ends of the profile and allowed to cure/dry in the correct amount of time. The ends are brought together, and pressure is applied for the correct amount of time to form a complete seal.

Vulcanized Joined Gaskets

This is a reliable, cost effective process for joining sponge or rubber profiles. Applications include O-rings, tubing, rectangle/square profiles and is best suited for low volume quantities rather than high volumes. Uncured rubber is applied to the ends of the rubber and then is subjected to heat and pressure to cure the rubber to form a complete gasket.

Hot Spliced Joined Extruded Gaskets

Hot splicing uses thin film and either a conventional heat source or infrared (IR) light to produce a sound bonded seal using heat and pressure.

At CB Frost we have vast experience in the production of fabricated rubber and sponge to a set specification for a range of industries. Our team are able to advise customers as to the best type of material to utilise for a particular project, and we aim to meet fast lead times at all times. For further information, please contact our team on +44 (0)121 773 8494.

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