High Speed Gasket Cutting

CB Frost are continually investing in modern production processes to offer a faster turn around and competitive prices. For the ultra-high-speed processing of narrower materials which need to be through cut or kiss cut, CB Frosts high speed kiss cut machine provides sophisticated but easy to use production solutions. Running at up to 100 strokes per minute, the hydraulic operation, rigid construction, and precision depth of cut, produce accurate components time after time.

Our cutting facility allows us to produce flat pressed parts (gaskets) and cater for quantities ranging from custom one offs to small, medium and large volumes.

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Advantages of kiss cutting

Kiss cutting has several advantages over individually cut through parts. Kiss cut, self-adhesive products can be rewound with the scrap web automatically being removed leaving a clean, finished component. Peeling the part off the adhesive release liner is considerably easier than removing the liner from an individual part, this helps increase production throughput.

Kiss cutting materials

CB Frost regularly kiss-cut gaskets and pads from most sponge and rubber materials, including silicone sponge, silicone foam, silicone rubber and Poron®.

About our press

The press will cut a wide range of materials in different thicknesses. The high-quality engineering and rigid construction combined with depth of precision will allow us to produce components with a clean finish that are ready to be packed and sent to customers immediately. As a result of the accuracy of the machine, scrap material is also much reduced, which will create considerable cost savings in the long term.

Range of Applications

  • Gaskets and seals – up to 300mm wide
  • Sponge and Foam strips – up to 300mm long
  • Self-adhesive products
  • Felt pads, gaskets, strips

How does high speed

gasket cutting work?

The term "die cutting" is loosely applied to many types of cutting processes but at CB Frost, it applies mainly to the cutting out of shapes from soft or semi-rigid materials in single or multiple layers.

The process itself is very simple but the machinery to perform the process has become increasingly sophisticated. CB Frost have ensured that we can keep up with our clients requirements by investing in a top of the range kiss cut machine.

The closest analogy is to imagine a hand-held pastry cutter being pressed by hand through a sheet of pastry. This is generally how CB Frosts kiss cut machine functions but rather than 'pastry cutter', think cutting die or tool and rather than your 'hand', think cutting press.

At CB Frost we have vast experience in high speed cutting to a set specification for a range of industries. Our team are able to advise customers as to the best type of material to utilise for a particular project, and we aim to meet fast lead times at all times. For further information, please contact our team on +44 (0)121 773 8494.

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