Sponge & Rubber Extrusions

At CB Frost, we supply custom made sponge and rubber extrusions in range of solid and sponge compounds, including Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, and Viton, with profiles being supplied as coils, cut to length strips or fabricated/bonded seals/gaskets, each of which have unique qualities. We supply extruded rubber and sponge profiles into various sectors, using our expertise to help specify the ideal material to suit each process, based on the strengths and weaknesses of each material to conditions that an extruded part will be subject to.

Extruded products can be made to suit many different applications in all sectors. Common applications include door and window seals, tubing, connectors, vibration reducing gaskets, window seals for rail and mass transit, manhole and coupling gaskets.

About CB Frost's Extrusions

Extruded Gaskets

Producing bonded extruded gaskets is a complex process. We can supply seals with either a hot splicing or vulcanised joint. These are techniques that use heat, pressure and film splice or uncured rubber to join the ends of extruded rubber profiles.

Extruded Vulcanised Seals

Vulcanised joining is a reliable, cost-effective process for joining sponge or rubber profiles. Applications of  vulcanised rubber extrusions include O-rings, tubing, rectangle/square profiles and are best suited for low volume quantities rather than high volumes.

Extruded Hot Spliced Seals

Hot splicing uses thin film and either a conventional heat source or infrared (IR) light to produce a sound bonded seal.

Reverse Engineering & Material Selection

Working in several sectors, rail, military, construction, and general engineering, we manage entire projects helping with design and choice of material. If you are looking to replicate an existing part, CB Frost can work with you to reverse engineer extruded rubber or sponge components, offering like for like or the same part in an alternative material, and have full prototype capabilities to cater for small / large volumes.


We provide sponge and rubber extrusions in commercial grades such as Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Natural, Nitrile and EPDM. We also offer materials which are flame retardant, chemical resistant, military grade, WRAS approved, FDA, British Standard – Neoprene rubber to BS2752 and Nitrile rubber to BS2751 (They offer enhanced characteristics and require a minimum level of polymer content and regular batch testing).

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Sponge and Rubber Extrustion Materials

Common Material Grades:

Neoprene Rubber

General purpose grades – various densities

EPDM Rubber

Commercial grade – various hardness’s

Rail specification – EN45545-2

Rail Specification -  BS6853

Nitrile Rubber

Commercial grade – various hardness’s

British Standard grade – BS2751 – various hardness’s

Natural Rubber

Commercial grade – various hardness’s

British Standard – BS1154 – Various hardness’s

Silicone Rubber

General purpose grades – various hardness’s

FDA approved grades

EN45545-2 grades (for use in Rail)

BS6853 grades (for use in Rail)

Neoprene Sponge

General purpose grades – various densities

EPDM sponge

General purpose grades - various densities

EN45545-2 grade (for use in Rail)

Silicone sponge

General purpose – various densities

FDA approved

EN45545-2 grade (for use in Rail)

At CB Frost we have vast experience in supplying custom extrusions to a set specification for a range of industries. Our team are able to advise customers as to the best type of material to utilise for a particular project, and we aim to meet fast lead times at all times. For further information, please contact our team on +44 (0)121 773 8494.

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