Neoprene Sponge Sheeting

Neoprene sponge is a closed cell synthetic rubber with similar properties to EPDM and Natural sponge in terms of its resilience and resistance to abrasion. Due to its chemical inertness, it is a well suited material for industrial applications such as being made into gaskets for protection against dust and moisture.

Neoprene sponges have good resistance to oils, whereas resistance to petrol and other hydrocarbons is more moderate. Depending on the grade of material, Neoprene sponge can withstand temperatures of as low as -40˚C and as high as 110˚C.

What are the advantages of specifying Neoprene sponge?

  • It is has good resistance to oils and other chemicals
  • It has a good working temperature range
  • It is available in fire retardant grades
  • It can be supplied in a wide range of thicknesses
  • For the purposes of quick turnaround, Neoprene sponge is kept as a stock material

At CB Frost, we can supply Neoprene sponge as sheeting, or produce Neoprene gaskets, washers and strips using our manufacturing facilities.

Neoprene closed cell Sponge sheeting

We keep Neoprene sponge as a stock material and can supply it in sheet or roll form, depending on your requirements:

  • Neoprene closed cell sponge sheeting can be supplied in thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 40mm
  • We can supply Neoprene sponge in sheet or roll form, ranging from 2m long by 1m wide to 10m long by 1m wide
  • At CB Frost, we can supply Neoprene sponge sheeting as either plain or adhesive backed. We stock a range of adhesive tapes that can be applied to the sponge to suit your specific requirements.