CB Frost Introduce Die Cutting Formes Manufacturing Services

At CB Frost, we are always investing in our production processes and introducing new services to benefit our customers. In addition to providing die cutting services to produce gaskets and other products for a wide range of industries, we are pleased to announce that we now manufacture die cutting formes in house.

For a number of years we have partnered with Flexi-formes as our supplier of die cutting formes, allowing us to cut gaskets in all shapes and sizes to meet our customers’ needs. With the ownership of Flexi-formes having made the decision to retire, we have recently built a new tool room here at CB Frost, allowing us to manufacture our own die cutting tools and provide even faster lead times for our customers. 

die cutting formes

Along with bringing over some of the machinery from Flexi-formes, we are also pleased to welcome John Mayo to the CB Frost team. Working for Flexi-formes for over 35 years, John brings with him extensive levels of experience and skill manufacturing cutting formes to suit a wide variety of materials, including grades of rubber foam, sponge, cork, paper and thin polymers. 

Our Die Cutting Forme Manufacturing Processes

As of July, we now manufacture wood cutting formes on site in our new toolroom. Rather than being designed to cut through wood, wood cutting formes are so called because steel rule cutting blades, formed into the intended shape, are set in a plywood base.

In order to manufacture die cutting tooling to meet our customers’ requirements, we take the following steps.

  1. Consultation – we meet with the customer and obtain the drawings for their product, or the size required in order for us to create our own drawings
  2. Cutting forme base – from the dimensions given in the drawing, we cut the design shape into the plywood base
  3. Shaping cutting blades – the steel rule cutting blade can then be bent by hand to create the shape of the design and be fitted securely into the plywood
  4. Punches – if required, punches are used to create holes in the shape
  5. Inspection – once manufactured, the die cutting forme is carefully inspected to ensure it is correct to the drawing
  6. Sign off – once it passes final inspection, the cutting forme is signed off and ready to send to our customer, or to be used in-house as we manufacture gaskets and washers for our customers

die cutting tooling

Our Die Cutting Capabilities

Our new toolroom supplies the cutting formes for our existing die cutting facilities. Our cutting machines allow us to produce flat pressed parts ranging from simple shapes to highly intricate designs. From custom one-offs or prototypes, to large production volumes, we can cater for all die cutting requirements.

With our cutting facilities, we cut gaskets from a long list of grades of sheet materials that we stock. In order to produce durable, high quality gaskets, our experienced sales team are expert problem solvers, helping customers to select the right hardness and density of high performance materials to suit their specific needs.

die cutting formes

Die Cutting Tooling Manufacturers

If you are looking for a cutting forme manufacturing partner, or require a complete die cutting service, from tooling creation to gasket production, CB Frost is here to assist you. Working with customers in a vast range of industries and with extensive technical knowledge, we work with you to develop the solution to your needs.

If you have a question about die cutting or cutting formes, or are ready to make a manufacturing enquiry, please call us on +44 (0)121 773 8494 or contact us here.


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