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As a leader in the specialist rubber and plastics industry, CB Frost have long served many of the major sectors of UK manufacturing. From our early roots in Birmingham, the city of a thousand trades and the birthplace of the commercial plastics industry, we have seen huge change in the last 98 years. Not only have we stayed up to date in the development of new materials and technologies, but we have witnessed the birth of many new industries that have provided new opportunities for us.

With our technical knowledge and experience, combined with our investment in in-house manufacturing capabilities, CB Frost are well placed to supply products and materials for the UK manufacturing market. In 2019, our key sectors include:


CB Frost have long been involved in the rail sector in the UK and further afield. We work closely with two giants of cellular sponge manufacturing, Rogers Corporation for the Bisco range of Silicone sponge and Armacell for insulation, devising innovative solutions to serve the requirements of modern engineering.

We have extensive experience of supplying materials and components for major projects such as the Victoria Line Underground, Sub Surface Lines, Electro Star, IEP/Crossrail and MK3, to name only a few.

CB Frost were ahead of the game in ensuring all rail materials met EN45545-2 (the European Standard for fire safety in the rail industry) before this standard was introduced as mandatory across Europe, helping rail industry manufacturing clients to ensure they were compliant when the time came in 2018.


Lighting is another key manufacturing sector for CB Frost. Through our knowledge of the lighting sector, we have developed specialist sealing materials featuring characteristics including low outgassing, UV stable properties and excellent compression sets. We work with our lighting clients to select the optimum sealing materials for each application.


We are proud to be an approved supplier to the Ministry of Defence, manufacturing a range of high specification products for land and naval systems.


CB Frost have long been a supplier for the UK construction industry, manufacturing a range of sealing products for major construction projects. Further afield, we supplied sealing materials for the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement Project.

Electrical Enclosures

The CB Frost team develop and manufacture suitable seals and sealing materials for commonly used enclosure styles, as well as bespoke enclosure sealing solutions.


Our extensive range of extreme temperature and weathering resistant materials leave us well placed to serve the UK automotive industry. Our in-house capabilities also allow us to produce components in very large quantities to suit the manufacture of vehicles.


As a supplier for manufacturers in the UK agriculture industry, we have developed an in depth understanding of the challenges faced by modern farmers, especially with reference to sealing applications and the need for precision.

Energy and Solar

As with our products and materials for lighting and electrical enclosure manufacturers, we are well placed to supply the energy and solar sector with sealing materials that protect from the ingress of water, dust and other potentially damaging substances, as well as withstanding a range of weather conditions.

Heating and HVAC

We supply a wide range of materials that are well suited to withstanding the challenges presented by heating and air conditioning units, including high and low temperatures.

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