Cellular Silicones and the Lighting Industry

There a lot of different points to consider when designing lighting. Whilst choosing the right lighting and electrical components is no doubt essential, these parts are irrelevant without the right sealing and enclosure materials to protect them. Choosing lighting sealing materials that lack the necessary qualities and properties could lead to a number of problems with lighting components, including the potential for costly failure.

Amongst the biggest threats of failure to lighting components are dust, moisture and other foreign bodies – inevitably the threat of these is much increased for outdoor lighting applications. As a result, as well as providing excellent sealing properties to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture into the inner workings of lights, sealing materials must also be able to retain sealing properties when faced with the effects of outdoor use.

Generally speaking, the best suited materials for a lighting seal should provide the following qualities:

  • Sealing effectiveness
  • Compressibility – lighting seals should have excellent compression sets
  • Environmental exposure – resistance to UV, ozone, fire and wind driven rain, as well as extreme temperatures
  • Non-fogging capability – seals should prevent fog inside the lighting enclosure when subjected to differing temperatures

Cellular Silicones tick all of these boxes and so are well suited for use as lighting seals. BISCO Cellular Silicones including BF1000, BF2000 and HT800 are often used for sealing and protecting lighting enclosures, as well as other electronics and outdoor communications applications in an outdoor environment. With high compressibility characteristics and resistance to UV, ozone, extreme temperatures and fire, BISCO Cellular Silicones allow for a consistently effective performance in all environments.

Sealing materials for lighting in the rail industry

HT800 is a BISCO specialist rail material that provides a prime sealing material for lighting enclosures and components. Its compression set is excellent, helping to reduce maintenance costs that are often linked with gasket or seal failure, whilst it’s resistance to weathering is also extremely good. In addition to these properties, HT800 features a unique and compact cell structure that provides a much enhanced sealing performance in resisting penetration of fine particles and wind-driven rain that are encountered in exterior train lighting components.

HT800 Silicone sponge is UL94 flammability approved to V-0 and HF-1, and compliant with BS6853 and EN45545 fire safety regulations. As a result of the suitability of this material for applications within the rail sector, HT800 is also LUL (London Underground) approved for use in internal and external lighting systems in the London Underground rail system.

For assistance in finding the right sealing material for your lighting application, please call +44 (0)121 773 8494. To learn more about BISCO Silicone and PORON Urethane for lighting seals, click here.


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